Monday, October 20, 2008

Raw: Boredom original

The first Cyber Sunday commercial of the week, I mean, Raw featured “another Adamle original” with both Chris Jericho and Batista competing in gauntlet matches against the same three opponents. Batista was up first against William Regal, easily defeating him. Jericho then takes advantage of the damage done to Regal, and pins him after only executing a code breaker. Second out was Mark Henry, with Jericho going first this time. The referee disqualified Jericho after he uses the belt to attack Henry. Once again, Batista easily defeats his opponent. Adamle announced Jericho would go first again against their last opponent, Kane. Jericho had a hard time wearing down the Big Red Machine, and ended getting pinned. Batista enters the ring for the third time, and for third time quickly gets the win. The match was confusing and lacked drama, unlike previous Adamle originals which showed promise.

I think one of the best gimmicks is Charlie Haas’ impersonations of wrestlers. I say this because Haas is a pretty good wrestler who may have been in danger of losing his contract or being dropped to FCW because he lacks personality. This has transformed him into someone the fans can look forward to seeing because we want to see who he’s going to be next. This week, he was Stone Cold Steve Haastin.

Raw Results (10/20):
Kelly Kelly and Candace Michelle v. Jillian and Katie Lea, Kelly pins Jillian
JBL v. Stone Cold Steve Haastin, JBL pins Haas
Rey Mysterio v. Snitsky, Mysterio pins Snitsky
The Miz and John Morrison v. CM Punk and Kofi Kingston, The Miz pins CM Punk
Cryme Time v. Ted DiBiase and Cody Rhodes, DiBiase, Rhodes and Manu attack Cryme Time before match begins

Key WWE injuries/absences:
John Cena: herniated disc in neck, expected to return in January
Randy Orton: broken collarbone, expected to return to action mid-November
Edge: in Hell (or Florida, promoting SD on My Network TV)
Mr. Kennedy: dislocated shoulder early August, return unknown
Melina: broken ankle, expected to return late November/early December


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