Monday, August 12, 2013

60 is the new 40?

Yesterday was Hulk Hogan's birthday. If you follow Hogan on Twitter, you couldn't miss that fact, considering he retweeted A LOT of the birthday messages from fans and friends. But, did you know Kathie Lee Gifford was born in the same week sixty years ago?

Both rose to fame in the 80's, both had to deal with cheating issues, both are back on television and both look at least 10 years younger than they actually are. (There is a question mark in that head...)

While I couldn't find the video of Hulk Hogan appearing on "Live with Regis and Kathie Lee," I did find a more recent video of both in their new gigs. It looks like Regis' love of wrestling rubbed off on Kathie Lee over the years as she looks much more comfortable with the Hulkster than she did with the wrestlers back in the 80's/early 90's...

Kathie Lee, as I'm sure she will tell you, still has few more days at the age of 59. (Her birthday is on Friday.)

Now, I'm sure you're wondering, who does Hulk Hogan actually share his birthday with? How about Chris Hemsworth, better known as Thor, who is half his age? Want somebody older? Emperor Palpatine, or at least the actor who played him (Ian McDiarmid), is 69. Oh, and his name may not be the title of a new movie coming out, but Steve Wozniak (the other inventor of Apple computers) turned 63 on Sunday. If you're interested in someone who is actually 40 and was born on Aug. 11, Google model Carolyn Murphy.

If you were also born on Aug. 11, it looks like you are in good company.


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