Wednesday, October 22, 2008

ECW: Bourne again

ECW has been getting stale lately, with fewer extreme rules matches and boring superstars. It was becoming a glorified Heat or Velocity, which probably made old school guys like Tommy Dreamer sick.

In any case, Evan Bourne has been a breath of fresh air. His win over Mark Henry and Finlay Tuesday night was impressive, as he showed he could mix it up in a number of different styles. His aerial assaults are as good as any young guy to come along since the Hardys, Rey Mysterio or even as far back as Shawn Michaels from the Rockers days.

Finlay called Evan "Bourne-swaggle" in reference to his small stature, and that was pretty hilarious, especially coming from Finlay who rarely gets to crack a joke. He prefers to crack heads.

I still hope for more extreme rules matches on ECW (isn't that the point?) but I am hoping Bourne gets the vote at Cyber Sunday for a title shot.

More on my picks for Cyber Sunday later.


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