Friday, July 17, 2009

Lashley's back - for real this time?

Bobby Lashley, who briefly poked his head in at two TNA events a couple of months ago, officially announced Thursday that he has signed a contract with TNA, making him the first active MMA fighter to participate in professional wrestling simultaneously. (Lashley is 4-0 in his MMA career, including a submission win over once-feard monster Bob Sapp.)

TNA announced in a statement that it expects Lashley to make an "immediate" impact, which begs the question, will he appear at Victory Road? Further, is he the secret advisor for Samoa Joe?

If he isn't, the faces sure could use a hand right now against the Main Event Mafia, which has been running wild lately. I am seeing a lot of wins for the MEM at Victory Road, as Jeff Jarrett has been hinting at a company-wide crisis for some time.

One way or the other, Lashley will be the key to the balance of power in TNA. Stay tuned.


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