Wednesday, July 1, 2009

New Reasons to Watch Smackdown

As we saw Monday night, a few trades were made changing the roster on all three WWE brands. The most interesting changes were made to the Smackdown roster...

Matt Hardy, Finlay and the Hart Dynasty were traded to Smackdown.

With Jeff struggling to get the championship belt around his waist, will Matt continue to thwart his chances? Or, will we see the brothers settle their differences, unite and become tag champs again?

Speaking of tag teams, it looks like with or without the Hardys, team wrestling will be revived on the Friday show with Edge and Jericho as champs, the Colons wanting the championship back and newcomers Hart Dynasty getting into the mix. I really love the pairing of Edge and Jericho, not only because I was getting bored with previous stories, but because I think they will fit better as an elite tag team for the time being. I only hope Edge and Jericho can work together long enough to give the tag team division the life it needs and give the Hart Dynasty better competition to get them over.

I am also happy Natalya will be back on a show where she can actually win a belt. She may be the most talented of the Harts at this moment, and she should have the Women's Championship around her waist (or over her shoulder).


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