Saturday, June 6, 2009

Going Extreme

WWE's newest pay-per-view is this weekend's Extreme Rules, in which every match is an extreme rules match.

Is this the WWE's response to viewers upset with the PG rating of the weekly shows? Perhaps, but it looks like a repackage of the matches from Judgement Day to me.

Over on TNA, Mick Foley is going to extremes in a different way. The TNA World Champion believes he should only have to defend the title once a year and that there should only be four pay-per-views per year. Hmmm, well, on the first one, you could always just go old school and defend the belt every week against local guys who have no real shot at the title and only legitimately defend the title once a year. On the second one, I can see the point (see opinion above about Extreme Rules), but you gotta make money...


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