Friday, May 29, 2009

Knockouts see WWE Retiree in Path

Former WWE Diva Victoria let Angelina Love (as well as the rest of the Beautiful People)know the hard way she has a contender for her belt Thursday night.

Victoria, whose real name is Lisa Marie Varon, retired from the WWE in January and was in the midst of training for a career in the MMA when she had a chance meeting with Dixie Carter, TNA president, at a UFC fight they were both attending. It was rumored then, because they were seen talking to each other, that Varon was heading to TNA, but Varon blogged on April 10 that she would remain "focused" on MMA and nothing had been presented to her by TNA, but also said the thought of going to TNA had crossed her mind.

Fast forward to Sunday, TNA has a new Knockout signed and ready to debut on their Thursday show. It appears Varon will be performing under her real name, Lisa Marie, since the TNA website is calling her "the former Victoria" and Varon's MySpace has "TNA Knockout, Lisa Marie" above her photo.

Varon debuted in the WWE in 2000, shortly after meeting Chyna in a gym Varon worked in. Chyna encouraged her to become a wrestler and in a short period of time Varon was in the ring and employed by the WWE, starting out a the Godfather's "Head Ho." Then, she became Victoria, and after getting about 2 1/2 years additional training, was back on TV as Trish Stratus' nemesis. Victoria held the Women's Championship twice, and was the one responsible for Molly Holly getting her head shaved in a Hair v. Title Match at Wrestlemania 20.


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