Friday, April 17, 2009

Former WWE star making an iMPACT?

TNA claims a former WWE Champion is crossing over to their company, and the announcement will be made at Lockdown this Sunday. Right now, I'm placing bets on RVD (he did once say he'd consider TNA), but we'll see.

Now, if they are refering to any championship, one hint was dropped earlier today... Taz (former Hardcore and Tag Champ) closed his Facebook blog writing, "I plan to make an impact real soon in this, the ultimate in businesses and keep it's for crossing the line with my sophomoric humor!"

However, he also wrote he wanted to watch his son play baseball with his new free time since his contract expired at the end of March. He also said his body cannot take being in the ring, so if he did join TNA, he'd be in a announcer/manager/maybe even backstage role. I'm betting TNA is not revealing Taz at Lockdown.

Don't worry-- my Lockdown preview is coming tomorrow!


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