Monday, April 13, 2009

WWE Draft

With the WWE Draft, the winner for each match for the three-hour show determines which brand gets a random draft pick. Raw came out the winner with the most draft picks at six, including gaining the WWE Champ, the Divas Champ and the US Champ. SmackDown won five picks including the Womens Champ, the Money in the Bank winner and the Intercontinental Champ. ECW only won one draft pick. The results are below, in order (the draft move was effective immediately):

1. Raw's Rey Mysterio pins ECW's Evan Bourne- Raw gets US Champ MVP.

2. Raw's Kane pins SD's The Brian Kendrick- Raw gets Big Show.

3. SD's Michelle McCool pins Raw's Mickie James (Six Diva Tag, but other Divas - Maryse & Natalya and Melina & Kelly Kelly - never got in the match)- SD gets Women's Champ Melina.

4. Raw's John Cena pins ECW's Jack Swagger for two draft picks- Raw gets Matt Hardy and WWE Champ Triple H.

5. SD's The Great Khali pins Raw's Santino Marella- SD gets Money in the Bank winner CM Punk, Khali gets kiss from Santina on Friday (added stipulation).

6. Raw's Kofi Kingston pins ECW's The Miz- Raw gets The Miz (Miz turns on Morrison after they hug goodbye).

7. SD's Edge wins (by eliminating Big Show) 15-Man Tri-Brand Battle Royal for two draft picks- SD gets Kane and Chris Jericho.

8. ECW's Christian pins SD's Shelton Benjamin- ECW gets Vladimir Kozlov.

9. Raw's Matt Hardy wins by DQ against SD's CM Punk when Jeff Hardy interferes- Raw gets Divas Champ Maryse.

10. SD's Chris Jericho pins ECW's Tommy Dreamer- SD gets Intercontinental Champ Rey Mysterio.

There will be a Supplemental Draft held online Wednesday.

- There was one other little match this evening which did not involve draft picks, but a continuation in the McMahon/Orton saga. Triple H, Shane McMahon and Batista faced Cody Rhodes and Ted Dibiase in a handicap match to determine a match for next week. Whomever pinned Rhodes or DiBiase would get a singles match with Randy Orton next week. However, if Rhodes and DiBiase won, whomever they pinned would have to face all three Legacy members next week. So, what happened? Let's just say we'll see a WrestleMania rematch next week...

- ESPN's E:60 will feature the WWE on its season premiere Tuesday night at 7.


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