Friday, February 27, 2009

SD: Hardy Hype

I'm pretty disappointed we didn't get the Hardy match that's been promoted for a week. Jeff came out to the ring, sans make-up and wearing a plaid shirt, and told his brother he wasn't going to fight him. Matt tells him he is not his brother, and is upset because even though he is the "more talented Hardy" his career stayed mediocre while Jeff's soared.

Jeff still refuses to fight, and Matt slaps him a couple of to try to inspire him. However, Jeff keeps his cool and just walks out of the ring.

We better get that TLC match at Wrestlemania. I even have an idea for a lead-up match the week before-- Jeff and Golddust v. Matt and Cody Rhodes. (I really like how the two real siblings are at odds while the show siblings- Taker and Kane- are not.)

Other Notes:
- I love how John Cena acts as if those watching SD only watch SD and have no cluse what's going on on Raw. I guess there are some who do not get USA because they still use rabbit ears or their cable/satellitte provider does not offer it at an affordable price, but there's also the RAW Rewind segment every week,, oh, and people like yours truly to fill them in.

- Gail Kim is coming back to the WWE! Since the promo was during tonight's broadcast, I'm assuming she'll be on the SD roster, which should be interesting. I think Gail is incredibly talented and is an asset to the Divas program.

- Kozlov is still undefeated after beating the Undertaker tonight! As Taker was walking along the ropes for the Old School attack, Kozlov countered, slamming Taker to the canvass and quickly pinning the shocked Dead Man. On Monday's Raw, Kozlov and Shawn Michaels will face each as their last test to see who takes on Taker and his record at Wrestlemania.


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