Sunday, January 25, 2009

SD: Where's the Smack?

For a WWE-televised program airing two days before a Pay-Per-View, Smackdoown was pretty smack-less. I know they had a plan for more action during SD broadcasts, but talking is part of the action. No, I don't want 30-minunte speeches from the Big Show-- nobody does, except maybe the Big Show. A little interaction does help put more intrigue in the matches.

For example, Undertaker v. Shelton Benjamin- awesome match. I was amazed how well Shelton handled Taker and actually thought he could possibly best the Deadman. I thought this could be Shelton's chance to no longer be lame and be an actual contender for the WWE Championship. But, I really didn't understand why we were watching this match. I mean, like two months ago, Shelton was getting on Taker's nerves, but why now?

And then we had Khali v. Chavo. What, did both need a match, had no one to wrestle and just decided to pair up?

We did have a JR interviewing Jeff Hardy segment in which we learned (well, it was officially revealed) the pyros from last week were tampered with and that Hardy thinks Edge is to blame for the attacks. Thank you Captain Obivious. (I still think it's Matt)

Maybe it's just me. Maybe I'm just getting tired of the current storylines and desperately need Wrestlemania...

SD Results (1/23):
Shelton Benjamin v. Undertaker, Shelton submits to Taker
Chavo Guerrero v. Khali, Khali pins Chavo
Bella Twins v. Michelle and Natalya, match ends when Maria attacks Michelle
No DQ- Edge v. Matt Hardy,(Mark Henry and Jack Swagger interfere to weaken Hardy) Edge pins Hardy
John Morrison and The Miz v. Primo and Carlito, The Miz pins Carlito
Triple H v. Kozlov v. Big Show, Kozlov pins Triple H


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