Monday, January 12, 2009

Raw: Wrestlemania in January?

With the Royal Rumble in two weeks, the road to Wrestlemania is being built with the events leading up the first Pay-Per-View of the year.

JBL told "Mr. Wrestlemania" that tonight was his Wrestlemania, but somehow, even though that was a pretty awesome match, I doubt that.

On a night with snow falling outside the arena, we found the Hall of Fame will be getting cold this year-- Stone Cold Steve Austin.

However, one man found out he reached a dead end, and we will have to wait to see if there's any turning back.

Chris Jericho told Stephanie McMahon he wasn't wrestling until he got his title match and that he doesn't give a damn any more about what she says because she's a "lame duck."

Her response?

"Well, maybe you'll give a damn about this-- YOU'RE FIRED!"

(Jericho was escorted out the building)

In other news, Manu and Sim Snuka brought Ted DiBiase back, thinking he was on their side, but painfully found out he was actually part of The Legacy. Perhaps Manu and Sim should have called Cousin Dwayne (The Rock to the rest of us) to team up with them instead...

Next Week:Intercontinental Title Match, Part 3, this time No DQ
Finally, Rey Mysterio v. Mike Knox
And, Mr. McMahon!

Raw Results (1/12):
The Miz v. Rey Mysterio, Mysterio pins Miz
Intercontinental Title Match- CM Punk v. Champ William Regal, Punk DQ'd for "low blow," Regal retains title
Kane v. Randy Orton, Orton pins Kane
Beth Phoenix and Jillian v. Kelly Kelly and Melina, match never starts, attack on ramp
Shawn Michaels v. John Cena, Michaels pins Cena

Key WWE injuries/absences:
Batista: concussion, hamstring surgery, return unknown
Evan Bourne: dislocated ankle and torn deltoid ligament, return by end of February
Mr. Kennedy: dislocated shoulder early August, return to action January or February


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