Monday, December 1, 2008

Raw: Armageddon Idol

Well, now we know the real reason Chris Jericho has a problem with John Cena- his kid idolizes the guy. In fact, Jericho announced that he had eventually banned his 5-year-old son from watching Raw because of his love for Cena. However, he will lift the ban for Armageddon, so he can traumatize the boy and let him watch his father beat up his idol…

Before Armageddon, we do have Raw in Philly, which is a three-hour special including the Slammy Awards. (The last time Slammy Awards were given out was 1997.) Stephanie McMahon announced the nominees for Superstar of the Year- John Cena, Edge, Triple H, Batista, Chris Jericho and Jeff Hardy. She also announced matches for next week with nominees facing each other in singles matches, including World Heavyweight Champ Cena v. WWE Champ Edge.

(The Intercontinental Championship Tournament should continue next week with the semi-final matches of Kofi Kingston v. Rey Mysterio and CM Punk v. John Morrison.)

Back to this week in D.C., Jericho did attempt to interfere in Cena’s match, but was taken out by Cena. After the match, Cody Rhodes and Manu started attacking Cena, with Randy Orton and Jericho following. Because Cena can’t seem to make any friends, no one came out to help him.

In other news, Dolph Ziggler, who may look familiar to you because he was the caddy for Kerwin White (Chavo’s horrible golfer character) or because he was Nicky from the Spirit Squad, came back from his first wellness policy violation for his first match as this new character he introduced back in September.

Raw Results (12/1):
Intercontinental Championship Tournament, Round 1 Match: Rey Mysterio v. The Miz, Mysterio injured pre-match (attacked by Mike Knox on ramp)
CM Punk and Kofi Kingston v. Cody Rhodes and Manu, Kingston pins Rhodes
Jillian v. Melina, Melina pins Jillian
Batista v. Dolph Ziggler, Batista pins Ziggler
Intercontinental Championship Tournament, Round 1 Match: John Morrison v. Finlay, Morrison pins Finlay
Intercontinental Championship Tournament, Round 1 Match: Rey Mysterio v. The Miz, Mysterio pins Miz
Kane v. John Cena, Cena pins Kane

Key WWE injuries/absences:
Rey Mysterio: torn ligaments in elbow, as announced by Stephanie
Evan Bourne: dislocated ankle and torn deltoid ligament, return by end of February
Mr. Kennedy: dislocated shoulder early August, return to action January or February


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