Friday, November 14, 2008

SD: Hardy-monium

Smackdown started eerily with the glow of Taker's lights and a casket in the middle of the ring. The Undertaker popped out of the casket at the end of his speech intended for the Big Show. Then, Jeff Hardy appearred on the Titantron, looking a little like Sting under a black light. He proceeded to tell Taker he should focus on him instead, to which Taker responded, “Rest in Peace.”

Later on, Hardy literally jumped in on the contract signing for the WWE Championship Match at Survivor Series between Triple H and Vladimir Kozlov. Before leaving the ring, Hardy ripped up the contract in Triple H’s face.

By the time Hardy got to his Extreme Rules Match against Taker, much of his make up had worn off. Hardy watched Taker’s entrance like a fan watching it the first time, in awe. No fear, just awe.

Big Show briefly interfered in the match involving chairs, kendo sticks and a ladder. Hardy won after leapfrogging over the ladder for a leg drop on Taker. If you didn’t see it, I’m sure WWE will have the video online soon. It was pretty awesome. Afterwards, Vicki told Hardy if he wins against Triple H next week, the championship match at Survivor Series will become a Triple Threat Match.

SD Results (11/14):
Matt Hardy v. Shelton Benjamin, Hardy pins Benjamin
The Brian Kendrick v. Carlito, Kendrick pins Carlito
Divas Championship Match- Maria v. Champ Michelle McCool, Maria submits to Michelle, Michelle retains title

Key WWE injuries/absences:
John Cena: herniated disc in neck, expected to return Nov. 23 at Survivor Series
Evan Bourne: dislocated ankle and torn deltoid ligament, return in up to 4 months
Edge: in Hell (rumored to be returning soon)
Mr. Kennedy: dislocated shoulder early August, return unknown
Melina: broken ankle, expected to return late November/early December


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