Wednesday, November 5, 2008

EC-Dub or EB-Dub?

Once again this week, Jack Swagger taunted Tommy Dreamer on ECW, but this time, he brought a trash can and a kendo stick to the ring with him. Tommy ended up making use of the weapons after Swagger talked too much trash, which I am hoping leads the folks at ECW to give us what we want - an extreme rules match between the old lion and the young .. well, whatever.

ECW was not that exciting, as most of the air time was devoted to Ricky Ortiz beating a nobody and the main event between plodders Finlay and Mark Henry. This was like watching two rhinos battle for a piece of steak on NatGeo, and it was not must-see TV. Finlay did win and earn a title shot next week thanks to an assist from Hornswaggle and a certain piece of wood.

But, for the sake of the show, get well Evan Bourne, who may be out for as many as four months. And please, give us Dreamer in an extreme match, or this will be Extremely Boring Wrestling.


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