Saturday, November 1, 2008

Tommy Dreamer

ECW is hardly what it used to be. In the Red Mask's humble opinion, it has been turned into Tuesday Night Heat in a lot of ways.

I would be shocked if Tommy Dreamer was happy with what ECW has become. He would be happier going through flaming tables and being hit with barb wire bats in rundown gyms in North Philadelphia. Still, Dreamer has stayed in the business and worked hard to use his name to get younger guys over. On Tuesday night, he wrestled a terrific match with Jack Swagger, a young punk who looks like the next coming of Chris Nowitski.

Swagger got the win, but Dreamer wrestled his butt off like he always does. I would like to see Dreamer get a chance to wrestle in some extreme matches and get a crack at some of the main event superstars. He has earned that right and he deserves a lot of respect for sacrificing personal glory for trying to build up the roster.


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