Friday, October 24, 2008

Hogan talks about broken family

E! News scored Hulk Hogan's first interview since Nick got out of the slammer, and he opened up about his family. On Friday night, the entertainment news program aired part of the interview, the part which focused on his estranged wife, Linda.

Since he and his wife separated, Hogan said has not had a relationship with her.

"I don't talk to Linda at all," Hogan said. "I prey to God that we could be friends."

He said he still loves her, but is not in love with her because "if you love someone, there are certain things you don't do to them."

"I know who everybody is now," Hogan added. "I really know who everybody is."

More of the interview will air in one week.

E! radio program "Yo on E!" also got an interview with the Hulkster.

Hogan gave a positive spin on Nick's jail time when asked what his son learned while locked up.

"When he went to jail he was stripped of everything," Hogan said. "He found out what's important in life."

He explained when Nick was taken away from his busy life and possessions, he realized he should be helping others and doing positive things.

"He was a good kid before, He's a great kid now. He's not the same man he was when he went in there."

Great. Don't forget Hogan's new reality game show airs 8 p.m. Saturday on CMT. I'm really surprised we haven't seen the 24-inch pythons make a guest appearance on Raw yet...


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