Friday, October 24, 2008

TNA: Main Event Mafia

TNA had a great card this week as it ventured in HD television for the first time. Awesome Kong won the Knockout title from Taylor Wilde and Beer Money took the hardcore gauntlet match, both of which were entertaining contests.

The new "Main Event Mafia" was the story of the night, though, as Kurt Angle, Booker T, Kevin Nash and Sting formed a new heel clique. This group beat the living hell out of AJ Styles and Samoa Joe, and they faced off with Mick Foley, who was announced as the new "owner" of TNA.

Foley told Angle he needed to be a part of history, or just be history. It will be interesting to see how this new clique plays itself out, but it looks like a washed-up version of the nWo Wolfpack (which by the way included Sting and Nash back in the day). Angle is a stranger to stables, if you ignore the short-lived Team Angle, which gave Shelton Benjamin and Seton Hall alum Charlie Haas a chance to show what they could do. Still, Angle did little teamwork and more bossing around, and he seems to be good at that for sure.

This group is unlikely to capture the magic of prominent stables of the past, but still will be fascinating.

Red Mask's all-time best teams/stables
1. D-Generation X
2. Four Horsemen
3. nWo
4. Evolution
5. Mega Powers
6. Corporate Ministry
7. The Brood

Red Mask's all-time worst teams/stables
1. Spirit Squad
2. La Resistance
3. New Blood
4. La Familia
5. Mean Street Posse


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