Monday, October 27, 2008

Monday notes from outside the arena

- Chris Jericho has moved on from music channel show commentary to music channel show host. "Redemption Song" will premeire Wednesday at 11 p.m. on Fuse. The show is basically an "American Idol" for women who haven't gotten their big break because other things have gotten in the way, like alcohol, drugs and other unprofessional behavior. (In case you were wondering, three of the contestants are Jersey Girls - Elisa, Esther and Jazmin)

- The "Hulk Hogan: Trbue Hollywood Story" premieres Friday, Nov. 7, on E!.

- Charlie Haas is using his Seton Hall education now in addition to his All-American athletic abilities. The WWE Superstar opened Custom Muscle, a nutritional supplement store, earlier this month in Texas.

Haas, along with business partners Umaga and wife Jackie (former WWE Diva, TNA Knockout and Tough Enough Champion), was selling the products online only until the bricks and mortar store opened.

This place sounds amazing. Read this discription from the website (

"With over 2,000 square feet of top of the line nutrition and vitamin choices, along with cutting edge sports and wellness enhancement products, Custom Muscle will also supply a CITY BLENDS Custom Smoothie Bar enhanced with FREE Wi-Fi in our lounge sitting area complete with a flat screen television!"

I can't believe there isn't a gym in this place. That's all that's missing. Good Luck, Charlie!


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