Monday, November 17, 2008

RVD eliminates Bonaduce

I think every celebrity reality competition show must have either Omarosa or Danny Bonaduce to keep the viewers watching. However, there's only so long these volatile personalities can realistically last. Hulk Hogan's Celebrity Championship Wrestling had Bonaduce, and this was his week to get out of the ring.

Bonaduce didn't even make it to the main event this week due to a back injury he suffered when thrown over the top rope by Rob Van Dam during practice. (Yes, RVD was a special guest trainer this week to help the celebs with their finishing moves.) An ambulance was called to take Bonaduce out on a stretcher, and he wasn't seen, or possibly heard from, for the rest of the episode. (The clips for next week show Bonaduce showing up at for practice and being asked what he's doing there...)

This week, the teams were eliminated and the main event was a Battle Royal. I had a "Whatcha talking about Willis," moment every time Todd Bridges called the match a "Battle Royale" (as in "Royale with Cheese").


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