Sunday, November 23, 2008

UPDATED: Hardy Threat?

Jeff Hardy was allegedly found unconscious in his hotel's stairwell last night and is in the hospital. WWE is the only source reporting this so far, so hopefully for Jeff's sake, this is just for plot leading up to Survivor Series tonight.

Hardy is a contender in the Triple Threat Match for the WWE Title held by Triple H. Vladimir Kozlov is the other contender.

UPDATE: Before the show started, Hardy was out of the hospital and questionable according to WWE. During the show, it was revealed Hardy was struck.

The match started with just Kozlov and Triple H. After maybe 15 minutes, Vicki Guerrero announces, "He's here!" and Edge comes out as the new contender in the match. Hardy arrives shortly after, attempts to hit Edge with a chair, but gets Triple H instead, Edge spears Hardy and Edge pins Triple H. Edge is the new champion...


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