Monday, November 17, 2008

TNA: Mafia hits

Christian Cage was supossed to join the Main Event Mafia Thursday night, but instead was attacked by the group because of his rumored real-life contract renegotiations. The rumors are that Christian does not want to renegotiate because he wants to go back to WWE. His current contract expires this month. Kurt Angle announced in the show before the beat down that Christian and his lawyer had stopped negotiations.

I wonder if Edge's return has been delayed to see if Christian actually can work out an agreement with WWE and have them return together, since they did want to get Edge out the Taker storyline.

Christian is scheduled to be be working for an independent show Dec. 12-13, so it's likely he's not planning on being employed by TNA or WWE that weekend. Perhaps an surprise Royal Rumble entry is in his future...


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