Friday, January 9, 2009

Hardy attacked again?

Okay, I'm calling BS on this one right now. Why?

1. Tonight's Smackdown was filmed last week as a doubleheader at an arena "just outside of New York City" (what? they can't say New Jersey?). Sure, there is a house show in Hot Springs, Ark. tonight. However, Tazz and JR appear to be wearing the same clothes in the NJ segments and the "tonight" segments (since there is a time stamp on the "police" video.)

2. Last night, the low in Cameron, NC was 37 degrees. And, it stayed in the thirties today. So why is Jeff's girlfriend, Beth, only wearing a tank top and short shorts? And why is the police officer wearing short sleeves? (By the way, it is 65 degrees in Hot Springs, Ark. right now.)

3. NO MEDIA OUTLETS IN THE AREA ARE REPORTING THE STORY! And, Beth needs to take some acting lessons.

I just want to take this moment to point out this futher backs up my theory of the twist with Matt being the one who attacked Jeff out of jealousy, since, you know, Matt lives in Cameron, too.


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