Friday, January 16, 2009

SD: Most Valuable

After what felt like an enternity of a commercial break after Edge came out to the ring for "The Cutting Edge," we finally got our "main event" of yet another accident for Champ Jeff Hardy. Jeff (sans make-up) came out for his interview with Edge, but a "pyro accident" prevented him from making his way down the ramp. Medics carried Jeff off on a stretcher without us getting to any damage done to his body...

Excuse me, it's bad enough I stumbled upon them online, did I really have to see the "nude" photos of Vicki on the air tonight? As a result, Triple H was punished with losing-streak MVP representing him in a Last Man Standing match against the Big Show for a spot in the Royal Rumble. Stipulation: No Triple H at ringside.

The match started as Big Show walked down the ramp when MVP attacked him from behind with a chair. MVP doesn't have the upper hand for long, and spends a lot of the match being tossed around the ring. When the action makes its way back to the top of the ramp and MVP is about to be chokeslammed off the stage, Triple H knocks out the Big Show with a sledgehammer. MVP, with Triple H's encouragement, makes it to his feet at the 9 count, as Big Show remains unconscious for the entire ten, and then some.

Vicki thinks she got Triple H since he interfered, but the Cerebral Assasin points out she said ringside, and the stage is not ringside, therefore he has his spot in the Rumble. Vicki answers back with a Triple H v. Vladimir Kozlov match next week.

By the way, in case you didn' think about with all the Triple H drama, MVP's losing streak is finally over!

I also want to say I pretty disappointed in the way Victoria was treated. Her match with Michelle was her last match and she is retiring. The only way we know this is because Tazz and JR were talking about it during the match. Now, I don't think she's really have ever been a face, but she's been around long enough and is former Women's Champion. I think she should have at least gotten a chance to get on the mic and say goodbye, or even get the "Earlier Tonight" footage of the Divas and others wishing her well. I'm not asking for Ric Flair treatment, just something more than what she got. That felt more like "I'm going to TNA" treatment.

SD Results (1/16):
Mark Henry and ECW Champ Jack Swagger v. Matt Hardy and Finlay, Hardy pins Swagger
R. Truth v. The Brian Kendrick, Truth pins Kendrick
Michelle McCool v. Victoria, Michelle pins Victoria


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