Monday, January 19, 2009

Raw: Orton welcomes Mr. McMahon back

Mr. McMahon's long-awaited return to Raw was a short one.

After showing up long enough to give a vote of confidence to his daughter Stephanie as Raw's GM, the chairman suffered a swift end to his triumphant return from his last "accident."

After Chris Jericho essentially begged for his job back (even watching Y2J do this demeaned us all), Randy Orton came out looking for an apology from Stephanie for a slap in the face earlier in the show. He received no such apology, and after calling Steph "useless now that she has popped out a couple of grandkids," he was chided by VKM.

Vince demanded an apology, but instead got a beatdown, as Orton punched the chairman, then kicked him in the face, and topped it off with a punt to the head, all this just as he was about to hear those famous words patented by Donald Trump.

Steph and several EMTs came out, and the billion-dollar princess was operating at Nancy Kerrigan-level drama over the injuries to her dad.

That whole debacle topped off a night that included yet another pointless match between Rey Mysterio and Mike Knox (why is he employed again?), another heart-to-heart talk between JBL, John Cena and Shawn Michaels about pride over money, and another beatdown on Melina courtesy of Beth Phoenix, her man-toy and their pet stalker.

If it wasn't for the pleasing but predictable end to the CM Punk-William Regal saga - with the hometown Chicago boy Punk adding himself to the list of IC champs - then the matches would have been a total throwaway on this night.

Truthfully, this actually was as intriguing as pre-PPV Raws get, considering that most of them are as interesting as B movies starring Roddy Piper that involve a boat in some way.

Look for ECW and Smackdown to pick up the slack in the "talk and clips show" department this week as the WWE marshals its forces for the Rumble this weekend, which I dare say will actually peak the interest of many.

More on the Rumble as it nears.

Raw Results (1/19):
Battle Royal- Randy Orton, Kofi Kingston, Santino, Cody Rhodes, Ted DiBiase- Winner is Orton
Kelly Kelly v. Beth Phoenix, Beth pins Kelly
No disqualification Intercontinental title match, CM Punk def. William Regal, becomes IC champ
Rey Mysterio def. Mike Knox by disqualification
Cryme Tyme def. Miz and Morrison, earns shot at tag titles
Melina def. Jillian


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