Wednesday, February 11, 2009

ECW: "Instantly Classic"

Christian! Christian! Now you're on ECDub!

Yes, that's right, Christian made his return to the WWE Tuesday night, and not only is he on the ECW roster, but he wants the ECW Championship belt. He faced Champ Jack Swagger in a non-title match and won.

The title is up first at No Way Out when Finlay challenges Swagger. By the way, Swagger, it takes a real man to call out Hornswoggle.

Christian wasn't the only surprise of the night-- Natalya has moved from Smackdown to ECW (which I guess means she can be on all three shows, which may be good for her development) and she brought a friend... a boyfriend, in fact. Tyson Kidd, aka TJ Wilson, trained in the Dungeon and was taken in by the Hart family. He and Natalya have allegedly been dating outside of wrestling for a while. I sense the beginning of the next Hart Foundation...

(As Christian walked out to the ring- with new music- Matt Striker called the moment "instantly classic." Christian was known as the "Instant Classic" on TNA.)


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