Sunday, January 25, 2009

Rumble Ready

Thirty men will enter the ring tonight, 29 will exit by going over the top rope and one will most likely fall to his knees when he is the only one remaining and the only one with a ticket to Wrestlemania.

So, who's most likely to win? Well,according to the history lesson given every year by the WWE announcer, the 27th entrant has won the most times. We'll see who gets that lucky number later on tonight, but let's take a look at who we know will be entering that ring and who we think may fill in the nine still open spots.

The Past Winners
Stone Cold outlasted it three times. Shawn Michaels and Hulk Hogan each won twice. Can a previous winner do it again this year?
Triple H- Won in 2002. Could win again because not many big names in the match now, and needs something better than just be a thorn in Vicki's rather large backside. Probably won't win because of nepotism.
The Undertaker- Won in 2007. He almost has to be at Wrestlemania to defend his streak in his hometown. Could he be going for a title, too? Maybe.
Rey Mysterio- Won in 2006, in honor of Eddie Guerrero, who's death was still fresh on everyone's minds. Sorry, Rey, but I think you are the longest shot out of the three to win it.

The Newcomers
The Brian Kendrick- Is this a joke? I'm hoping he is eliminated immediately after entering the ring, getting or tying for the record. However, Ezekiel Jackson will probably be there to catch him at least the first time and toss him back in the ring so he gets to keep going.
Vladimir Kozlov- Apparently, the powers that be don't want him in a big-time one-on-one match yet, since every chance he gets turns into a Fatal Three-way or a Handicap. So, why would they let him win the Rumble?
Kofi Kingston- Big time energy, but I don't think he's getting his big time chance. He'll probably hold his own for long time, though.
Ted DiBiase- Has alot to prove to Randy Orton. If Orton is there until the end, DiBiase will help him get there and be one of the last few. Either that, or, well, I'll explain the other scenario under Orton/Rhodes.

The Others
Finlay- He loves to fight, but he's going to have to fight very hard to keep from going over the top rope.
Mark Henry- Everyone always attacks the big man as soon as he enters the ring, and eventually, collectively, they get him over the top rope. Yokozuma, who won in 1993, is the only big guy to win the Rumble for a reason- he entered the ring at Number 27.
CM Punk- The Intercontinental Champion has a shot a winning. Really. I can see a Cena v. Punk or JBL v. Punk match at Wrestlemania.
R Truth- I love R Truth, but he's not going to win.
Carlito- Another with no shot.
Big Show- Yet another big guy, and even though I don't want him to win because he bores me. He does have a shot because of the possibility of Edge winning the WWE Title. You know he would love to whoop his @$$.
Shelton Benjamin- Shelton impressed me Friday night. Maybe that match was to prove to us he could be a Wrestlemania headliner. He may have a better chance than some of these other guys, but I don't think he's winning.
Randy Orton and Cody Rhodes- Just like DiBiase, Rhodes isn't winning because of Orton-- his job is to help Orton win. Either that, or Manu and Snuka will find their way into the Rumble and eliminate Rhodes and DiBiase early on. Orton could win because of his back-up and it will help solidify The Legacy as a stable. Now, if he's fired before the match begins, that's a different story...
Chris Jericho- He's back. And he would love to prove to Stephanie he belongs there by winning it. He was, after all, the Superstar of the Year. He does have a chance of winning.
The Miz and John Morrison- Uh, no chance. In fact, I call Big Show choke slams at least one of them out of the ring.
Santino Marella- Wait, sorry. I forgot Santino was in this match. He's getting choke slammed out of the ring.
Kane- Hmm, I don't know about this one. This will be his 11th consecutive Rumble, and out those we know will be in the Rumble, he has been in the most. So, he could be the Susan Lucci of the Rumble, and this could finally be his year. (I just compared Kane to the actress who plays Erica Kane!)

The Wild Cards
As I said before, there are nine slots still available for surprise Superstars. I already mentioned Manu and Sim Snuka as possibilities, and I have a few more.
Hacksaw Jim Duggan- He won the first ever Royal Rumble in 1988. We love to see him make appearances, but, let's face it, 1988 was a long time ago. (Do I sound like a Legacy member?)
Mr. Kennedy- He should be ready to return for the Rumble.
Goldust- Really, can there be a Royal Rumble without him (that is, when he is employed by the WWE)? Even the computer on the video game always includes him.
Sgt. Slaughter- If he feels like doing it, I think he'll join in the fun.
Beth Phoenix- Chyna did it. Beth is the fist Diva since Chyna who I wouldn't be scared to see walk into to a ring with 29 men. I know, it's a long shot, but it is the 10th anniversary of Chyna's entry in the Rumble.
Matt Hardy- I predict he will lose in the ECW Title match, and then get a shot in the Royal Rumble (this kind of thing does happen from time to time). He'll win, and then everyone will think he's going after the ECW Championship for, oh, maybe two weeks. And then, we'll find out the truth, that he's been attacking Jeff, and the belt he wants is the WWE Championship!
Shawn Michaels- Okay, here's my other prediction- HBK gets in as the 30th entrant and wins. JBL, by the way, has somehow, possibly with HBK's help, won the World Heavyweight Title. JBL is pissed, Michaels says screw you, I quit. The two battle it out at Wrestlemania where HBK wins the Title in his home state!
Christian- (I'm beginning to sound like that "Clue" movie- And here's what really happens!) He surprises everyone and returns as the 30th entrant to the Royal Rumble! He even surprises the person he's been "helping" for the past couple of months attack Jeff Hardy...

(remember, this is all from me with no actual backstage knowledge, so if this comes out right, maybe I should be writing for the WWE...)

If you have any opinions/predictions, please post them!


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