Friday, February 6, 2009

SD: Royale

I usually feel sickened whenever Vicki makes an appearance. Tonight, the urge to vomit came when the GM of Smackdown called the Battle Royal a Battle Royale, and she wasn't trying to be funny. I mean, really, she must have something major on the McMahons...

Anyway, the Battle Royal was to determine the final participant in the Elimination Chamber match for the WWE Title. Vladimir Kozlov won after taking out Khali, then both Colon brothers at once and finally R. Truth. He joins Jeff Hardy, Triple H, Undertaker, Big Show and Champ Edge in the match at No Way Out next weekend.

On another note, I liked the Hurricane character better for Gregory Helms. I think was a better fighter then. He looked pretty weak tonight in his attempt to beat up Matt Hardy as a friend of Jeff. Jeff probably would have done a better job fighting from his hospital bed. Tonight, Helms looked like loser. Now, some of you might say a man who dresses up like a superhero and isn't Brandon Routh or Christian Bale is a loser, but he was an energetic, quality personality. And yeah, I do remember it getting old, like when Stacy Keibler became his sidekick, but this new personality is making me miss the hero he once was.

Jeff Hardy should be returning next week, but Matt did sort of warn of another "accident."

SD Results (2/6):
Shelton Benjamin v. MVP, MVP pins Shelton
John Morrison, The Miz and The Brian Kendrick v. Carlito, Primo and R. Truth, Kendrick pins Carlito
Eve v. Michelle McCool, Eve submits, Michelle wins
Umaga v. Kung Fu Naki, Umaga pins Fu Naki (even Tazz is still calling him Funaki)
Edge and Big Show v. Triple H and Undertaker, Taker pins Edge


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