Friday, February 20, 2009

WWE: The new Mr. McMahon

What many fans already knew was revealed and became part of the storyline Friday night-- Triple H and Stephanie are husband and wife.

In an interview with JR about what happened on Raw earlier in the week, Triple H said, "He put his hands... A lot of people may not like my father-in-law, Vince McMahon... (goes on to say what Orton did to Vince and Shane was wrong) And then, he put his hands on my wife. You've crossed the line, Orton, one you can't get back from. Stephanie is the mother of my children." Then, Triple H rips off the mic, ending the interview.

Now, according to previous storyline, Triple H and Stephanie were infamously married at the Las Vegas drive-thru wedding chapel in late 1999. In early 2002, Stephanie faked a pregnancy and Triple H dumped her at the altar where they were to renew their vows. By the end of 2002, they were divorced in the storyline. Every time Stephanie and Triple H have been together on screen, they have been coy with each other, and there was even a moment where Vince introduced Stephanie to Triple H and they shared a giggle. Triple H on his own has made playful hints to his real life relationship.

In real life, the two were married in October 2003 (shortly after Stephanie's "I Quit" against her father at No Mercy) and have two daughters, Aurora and Murphy.

On Monday, Triple H will confront Randy Orton on Raw. If I were Randy, I'd call in sick.

Just a thought about Shane and Orton's unsanctioned match Monday-- maybe they should have cleared the arena like Kurt Angle and Sting did on TNA this week. Then Shane wouldn't have had to worry about Rhodes and DiBiase interfering. By the way, if you didn't see TNA, watch the replay Saturday... it was cool and freaky to watch a match in an empty arean. (By the way, WWE couldn't do that, or at least the way TNA did it, because they work in larger arenas which would make it logistically hard to get all those people out and to somewhere where they could watch what they're missing inside.)

Other Notes:
- Terry and Dory Funk will be inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame this year. So far, Stone Cold Steve Austin is the only other announce inductee.
- Vladimir Kozlov will get the moment he's wanted, maybe. He is scheduled for a singles match against the Undertaker next week, and if he wins, he gets a chance to stop Taker's 16-0 streak at Wrestlemania 25. (On Raw, Shawn Michaels and JBL are also vying for their chance next week.)
- Also next week, it's Hardy v. Hardy. I guess their Wrestlemania match (which we all know is coming) will be some crazy TLC match.
- Cody Rhodes, Manu and Randy Orton were nominated for an award: "Best Display of Homoeroticism by a Guy Who is Totally Not Gay... Seriously... Come On You Guys... I Mean It" by "The Soup Awards." This was for a moment when Cody and Manu were staring down Orton in the locker room (I think it was shortly after he kicked Ted DiBiase). Some guy from "The Real World" won the award.


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