Wednesday, February 25, 2009

WWE Blender

WWE is freshening up its programming by blending the Raw and Smackdown shows, continuing the plot lines through the week. The positive thing is we are seeing new conflicts to make us more excited for Wrestlemania 25. The negative is one more night of Vicki Guerrero each week.

This is how they used to do the two shows, and I guess it was putting a strain on the superstars, so they created the two rosters. I really think it's great they are doing this, and that we are getting with the best Superstars for a plot to be prolonged with. (Let's face it, there are some guys who just want to fast forward through when they get a mic in their hands, or just enter the ring...)

Besides the Triple H "McMahon"/Randy Orton angle, John Cena will now be following Vicki everywhere she goes until he gets his rematch with Edge. Somehow, I think he's going to be following her for a little over a month. We also have Shawn Michaels possibly facing the Undertaker at Wrestlemania-- he has to beat Vladimir Kozlov first to have that, um, honor.

For those of you who missed Raw, we almost had a Sledgehammer Match when both Orton and Triple H came to the ring with the intimidating accessory. Both dropped their sledgehammers when Orton suggested they handle the situation like men. Then, Triple H removed his leather jacket, Legacy slowly advanced and The Cerebral Assassin pulled another sledgehammer out of his pants! He chased Orton and DiBiase through the arena, only getting a hit once on DiBiase once in a dressing room Triple H broke the door down to get to the two. (He also broke a mirror in the attack, for you superstitious types) Eventually, Orton and DiBiase made it to the car, where Cody Rhodes, who apparently was living the American dream as their chauffeur for the night, was waiting. Triple H broke the back passenger window of the car before the door was closed and tossed the sledgehammer at the car as it drove away, barely missing.

Other Notes:
-CM Punk qualified for the Money in the Bank Match at Wrestlemania. He pinned John Morrison in a Triple Threat Match which also included The Miz to qualify.

- Ricky "The Dragon" Steamboat was announced as an inductee to the Hall of Fame. This caused an altercation with Chris Jericho and Steamboat because Steamboat can't leave the business. My question-- Does anyone remember what his iguana's name was?


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