Saturday, April 4, 2009

Wrestlemania Preview 5- The Championships

Big Show must have had some deal that said if he humiliated himself in a Sumo match and a boxing match in two of the last three Wrestlemanias he could participate in and kissed Vicki Guerrerro, he would get to be in one of the world title matches this year.

Even though it sickens me, I get the Vicki/Edge relationship because it's mocking the real relationship of Stephanie/Triple H and the special treatment people claim Triple H gets because of his relationship. But Big Show? Come on, last year we saw his pretty and muscular wife in the promos for the Mayweather match. And even though they have tried to compare him to Andre the Giant (he even debuted as his son), he just doesn't command the respect from me that Andre did.

So, yeah, he's an immovable force and his size gives him the advantage in this Triple Threat match, blah, blah, blah, but he also had to kiss Vicki and giggle like a girl to get in this match.

I say the one who didn't have to kiss Vicki to get in this match (John Cena) will win the World Heavyweight Championship, leaving Vicki in turmoil over what to do next with her two "lovers."

And, now, it's time to play The Game... Interestingly, Triple H is the only player in this WWE Championship match who is not second or third or fourth generation in the business. Personally, I'd rather have Vince (former WWF Champ and ECW Champ) and Shane (former European and Hardcore Champ), oh, and possibly Stephanie (former Women's Champ who looks like she's in great shape) in my corner than Money Jr. (who did hold the Tag Team Championship twice).

A lot of times the McMahons will take the fall to help pump the credibility of their opponent, but also a lot of times the McMahons are adversaries in these matches.

Randy Orton beat Triple H (and John Cena) last year for WWE Championship, and, in fact, Triple H has not been victorious at a Wrestlemania since Wrestlemania 19 in 2003. This was also his last Wrestlemania as a bachelor...

WrestleMania was created by Vince McMahon and changed the professional wrestling industry. I think with this being the 25th Wrestlemania, it should be the McMahons' night to celebrate, not just behind the curtain, but in the ring as well for once. I predict the night will end with confetti pouring down on Vince, Shane and Triple H as he holds the belt and his wife.


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