Friday, April 3, 2009

Wrestlemania Preview 4

As I write this, the 25th Anniversary of Wrestlemania is exactly two days away. The first Wrestlemania was filled with plenty of special guests like Mr. T (in the main event, no less), Muhammad Ali (as the ref in the main event) and Cyndi Lauper (in the corner of the woman who would win the Women's Championship that night).

At that Wrestlemania, Ricky "The Dragon" Steamboat defeated Matt Borne, a wrestler who would in about seven years be known as Doink the Clown. And, in the aforementioned main event, Hulk Hogan and Mr. T (with Superfly Jimmy Snuka in their corner) defeated Roddy Piper and Paul Orndorff (with Cowboy Bob Orton in their corner).

At this Wrestlemania, Steamboat (age 56), Snuka (65) and Piper (54) will face Chris Jericho (38), who despises the Legends who can't stay away from the world of wrestling. It will be a tree-on-one elimination match, in which the Legends can tag in and out, but in order for Jericho to win, he must pin all three individually. I want the Legends to win, but I do have my concerns they won't. Depending on how much steam these guys have left in them, this could be an interesting match, since Jericho has pulled a lot of his style from these men. And, we can't forget the dirtiest player in the game, Ric Flair, will surely be instrumental in the Legends' corner.

(By the way, I find it interesting the WWE in the graphic for this match has current photos of all the participants except Steamboat, for whom they have a circa 1985 photo)

Piper could be the one to pin Jericho since he is the only one of the three who lost at the first Wrestlemania. Then again, Steamboat may be the one to finish him off since he is the one going into the Hall of Fame this year. And, oh yeah, did I mention Jericho once dressed up as Doink the Clown? (see, it all comes full circle...)

In the other match involving tags, we have the WWE Tag Team Champions battling the World Tag Team Champions in a Lumberjack match to create a Unified Tag Team Championship. Did you get all that? Because with all the lumberjacks outside the ring, as well as the Bella Twins, this could be a chaotic match. I think the Colon brothers (the current WWE Tag Champs) should win simply because they are the only blood siblings in the WWE not at odds with each other. (Sorry, no Doink references I could think of for this one...)


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