Monday, March 9, 2009

Raw: Triple Threats

In one night, the World Heavyweight Championship match at Wrestlemania became a Triple Threat Match and WWE Champion Triple H became a threat to the Orton household and was arrested.

In a surprise ending (which I guessed was happening when we were introduced to Randy Orton's hot and nervous wife), Triple H showed up at Orton's house in Missouri instead of at his match at the arena in Florida. He got in via sledgehammer through the front door and went on tour of Orton's first floor, looking for Orton, but finding a different person hiding in each room (almost comically). Finally, Orton comes out of his hiding place as Triple H is about to find him and they break a few things in the living room as they pound on each other. Soon, Triple H throws Orton through the window and onto the front lawn where the fight continues until the deputies come to arrest Triple H I'm guessing on breaking and entering and battery charges.

Another expected surprise came earlier in the night when John Cena became a part of the World Heavyweight Championship match at the contract signing. How? He had footage of Vicki Guerrero and Big Show kissing. Edge wasn't very happy.

Other Notes:
- There will be a 25 Diva Battle Royal at Wrestlemania with both active and former female wrestlers. The winner will be named "Miss Wrestlemania." I can't wait to see who shows up for this match.

- It appears to be the year of the pet for the WWE Hall of Fame-- Koko B. Ware, who was accompanied to the ring by a parrot, is the latest announced inductee to the Hall. (Ricky "The Dragon" Steamboat, who had an iguana/kimono dragon/alligator, is another inductee) I think all that's left is Jake "The Snake" Roberts, which would be fitting since "The Wrestler" resembles his life...

- CM Punk lost the Intercontinental Championship to JBL, which frees him up to win that Money in the Bank match.

- Speaking of Money in the Bank, Kofi Kingston now joins CM Punk, Kane, Mark Henry, MVP and Shelton Benjamin in the match. The seventh and eighth competitors will qualify on ECW and Smackdown this week.

- Chris Jericho lost to Kingston when he was distracted by Ric Flair appearing in the arena. After the match, Jericho "dared" Flair to come out of retirement to face him next week on Raw.

- Undertaker interrupted Shawn Michaels the same way Michaels interrupted him on Smackdown-- with a Wrestlemania highlight video. When he classically appeared in the ring behind Michaels after the video ended, HBK wasn't shocked at all, and he talked to Taker like he was anyone in the locker room. Maybe this is the year...


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