Friday, February 27, 2009

Kurt Angle in Philly

Tickets go on sale Saturday (Feb. 28) for TNA's Lockdown at Temple University on April 19, and Kurt Angle will be in Philly signing free autographs at the FYE on South Broad St. starting at 11 a.m.

For those of us who get the Philly stations, Angle was also on the news right after WWE's Smackdown. (The female anchor said we've seen him on the station-- I think she thought he was the wrestling show on their network...) Very little of the interview was actually on air, perhaps because someone higher up than the anchor knew he wasn't even part of the same company that has that wrestling show on their station. You can see the full interview at

Because he was there to promote Lockdown, Angle spent a great deal talking about the event at which every match is a Steel Cage Match.

"It is a very dangerous event," Angle said.

He then buttered up the locals, and even said "Philadelphia is one of the greatest wrestling towns in the United States." Angle put Philly in the Top 5 for their excellent crowds and enthusiastic fans. Please... is Philly really up there with Toronto, Tokyo, New York (MSG), Charlotte (or any city/small town/backyard in NC), Minneapolis and the Tampa Bay area (because most of the wrestlers either live or are from there)?

Angle also talked a little bit about winning the gold medal in the 1996 Olympics and how relieved he was it was over when he won because with the Olympics, he explained, your first could be your only shot. He also talked about the differences between amatuer wrestling and professional wrestling, saying he had to "take two steps back" because "there's a whole new dimension to professional wrestling."

Tickets for Lockdown are available at Temple's Liacouras Center box office and Also on sale will be tickets for "Lockdown Fan InterAction" being held the day before the PPV at The Electric Factory. Tickets for this event, however, are available separately through Ticketmaster.


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