Tuesday, April 7, 2009

The Animal Returns

So, I'm still on my Wrestlemania hangover, expecting Raw not to be too much since the draft is next week, and not only do we get Vince v. Orton as our main event, but after Vince is basically beaten and Shane and Triple H have come out only to be almost overpowered by Legacy, Batista returns to come to the aid of his buddy Triple H!

Batista was taken out of action in December after one of Randy Orton's punts to his head. During his time off, doctors determined Batista needed surgery on a nagging hamstring injury he suffered at Summer Slam.

Batista was expected to be out 6-8 months, so it was quite a surprise to see him back this early.

As a result of his return, Batista (instead of Mr. McMahon) will join Triple H and Shane McMahon in a Six-Man Tag Match at Backlash against Legacy. Per Raw GM Vicki Guerrerro's decision, this will be a WWE Championship Match for Triple H and Randy Orton.

Other Notes:
- Yes, that's right, Vicki is now the Raw General Manager. She apparently had to decide between the two brands by the commencement of Wrestlemania, and she chose Raw. Hopefully this will bring dignity back to Edge and Big Show.

- In case you missed it at Wrestlemania, JBL quit after losing to Rey Mysterio in, oh, 30 seconds (my estimate). Rumors circulated through the Internet he was retiring at Wrestlemania and would be returning to the commentator role...

- I love how Michael Cole and Jerry Lawler can't agree on whether to fall for Santino's gimmick or not. The King knows, as we all do, that Santina is Santino, while Cole seems to naively believe Santina is real.

- If you were as upset as I was that we weren't properly introduced to the Divas at Wrestlemania, considering several (Molly Holly, Victoria, Torrie Wilson, Miss Jackie Gayda, Sunny) were Divas we haven't seen for a while, at least the WWE posted two photos of each Diva backstage before the match, so we could, you know, see them, since many women we only knew were there because their name was mentioned as they were eliminated and we never got a close-up.

- Next week's Raw is the three-hour draft special, so don't forget to tune in or set your tape for the 8 p.m. start.


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