Tuesday, April 28, 2009

WWE Future Main Eventers

The appearances of MVP and The Miz and their challenges to Randy Orton and John Cena gave hope that maybe a second-tier star may move up to main event status before next year's Wrestlemania. Yes, I love seeing Triple H, Orton, Cena, Batista, Edge, and now Jeff Hardy headlining the Pay-Per-Views, but A) these guys can't end up being 20-time World Champions and B) are bound to get injured or make a movie.

As was bombarded upon us last night, the draft can shake things and give some guys the opportunities they weren't getting before. CM Punk is one example-- once he moved to Raw, he became the World Heavyweight Champion. Who could get a big raise this year?

With a name like MVP, I've been waiting for him to make his way up to elite status. I mean, why allow this guy to have a Mr. Perfect-esque name and not allow him to be great? He is the US Champ (and the longest-reigning one in Smackdown history), and I think, as seen last night on Raw, he can and should go up against bigger fish.

On Smackdown, I like John Morrison's potential. If you remember, he won Tough Enough 3, back when it was on MTV, and he is the only winner from the three original Tough Enough shows still in the company. (Tough Enough 2 Winner Jackie did come back to compete in the Miss Wrestlemania Battle Royal.) He has already held the ECW and Intercontinental Championships, and I see him hoisting more gold without his former partner The Miz. (Sorry, Miz, I think you better find another tag team partner if you want another belt...Cena wasn't hurt or scared, he just didn't think you were worth it...)


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