Friday, April 17, 2009

The New Hart Foundation coming to ECW?

As a result of the Supplemental Draft, Natalya and DH Smith were drafted to ECW, where Tyson Kidd is already a Superstar. The three are members of the Hart Family (Kidd adopted), and were already the Next Generation Hart Foundation in FCW (with Teddy Hart). I am very excited about this because they could be Legacy's future opponents (maybe by Wrestlemania 26)...

Other draft results were:

SD's Brie Bella to Raw
SD's Hurricane Helms to ECW
Raw's Charlie Haas to SD
SD's The Brian Kendrick to Raw (I can't wait for him to get his @$$ kicked again)
Raw's Dolph Ziggler to Smackdown
Raw's JTG to Smackdown (don't worry, Shad is coming, too)
SD's Festus to Raw
SD's Carlito to Raw (Primo coming, too)
ECW's John Morrison to SD
ECW's Hornswoggle to Raw (what? this may help Finlay, but...)
Raw's Layla to SD
ECW's Ricky Ortiz to SD
SD's Chavo Guerrero to Raw
SD's Zach Ryder to ECW
Raw's Candice to SD
SD's Nikki Bella to Raw
SD's Ezekiel Jackson to ECW (Good-I see him being the next Batista...)
Raw's Mike Knox to SD
SD's Primo to Raw (this could be good for Rhodes and DiBiase)
ECW's Alicia Fox to SD
Raw's Shad to SD
SD's Mr. Kennedy to Raw


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