Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Around the ring

While the WWE continues its battle with the Denver Nuggets, there are plenty of interesting happenings to touch on in the squard circle:
* First off, Balls Mahoney and Snitsky waged one final "Loser Goes Through a Door" match at the J-Cup in Manville last Saturday. Mahoney won the battle royal but went through a door for the fourth time this month after an epic battle. Gavin Quest won the J-Cup tourney finals over TNA's Jay Lethal. The Red Mask is looking forward to more NWS shows in the future.
* Speaking of TNA, Mick Foley is running wild, attacking Jeff Jarrett in his hometown last week. One can only assume that Jarrett will be the fourth member of the Sacrifice title match, in which each contestant must put something vital on the lone. This observer's guess says Jarrett will enter himself and give the company over to the winner as his "sacrifice." Angle is putting up the leadership of the MEM and Sting is putting up his career. Heck of a 4-way there.
* Also, the fake Suicide guy who came out to make it look like Daniels and he were two people was about 50 pounds heavier than the normal Suicide. Now the question is, who is the imposter?
* One last thing on TNA - what happened to Lashley? He showed up three times just walking around, and then it trailed off. Will he or won't he participate in some way? This is worse than when Pac Man Jones sort of, kind of, showed up in TNA wrestling. Lashley is having no trouble in his MMA career, though, as he dispatched opponent Mike Cook in 24 seconds in his last bout over the weekend. He faces Bob Sapp on June 27, and he is giving up some weight there, so we'll see how that goes.
* Back in WWE, Ric Flair is having a Brett Favre-like itch to be involved in wrestling, but will he compete? He said he would never diminish the sendoff he got last year by wrestling again, but once you come back and get involved in matches, you are pretty much back, aren't you? Flair plans to call out Randy Orton at the next RAW, wherever that ends up taking place. (Pepsi Center parking lot? Stay tuned.)
* ECW has had some interesting goings on lately. First, the new Hart Foundation (you heard about it here first quite a while ago) is gaining momentum with the resurgent D.H. Smith (or David Hart Smith as he is now known) and Tyson Kidd teaming up with Natalya. They look like a faction to be reckoned with, but they could use a leader like Orton to take them over the top. Will Kidd or Smith step up, or will they recruit a leader?
* Also on EC-Dub, Christian is giving Tommy Dreamer a shot at the ECW title on Superstars tomorrow night. Dreamer has been wrestling tough matches and getting people over for a while. Here's hoping they let him have one more title reign - however brief - to honor him for a great career that is winding down.
* I guess we were wrong - the Hardy feud is not over. I am not sure they take this much further, but apparently, they are going to try. No matter what, life imitates art, because Jeff is more interesting and a better performer than Matt, so maybe he should be jealous, who knows.


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