Saturday, January 16, 2010

Who's Next?

TNA revealed they have yet another card up their sleeve, announcing another superstar, who would immediately be a title contender, would be "unveiled" and making his debut at Genesis tomorrow.

Which immediately made wonder, who else could TNA have acquired?

Mr. Kennedy was my first wish, but if you saw my previous post, you would assume it doesn't appear to be him. However, TNA-contracted wrestlers do still work shows like NWS, so it is possible. Want more evidence it could be him? He just happened to be working a little show in Australia a couple months ago called the Hulkamania tour which also featured people like Ric Flair, Val Venis and some guy named Hulk Hogan...

Another guess would be another neighbor of Hulk Hogan's (you know, most of the guys who "came" with Hogan to TNA live in the Tampa/St. Pete area)Edge, who, by the way, would also be a guess of mine as a surprise entrant to the Royal Rumble. Unfortunately, Edge tore his Achilles tendon in July, and he would be lucky if he could flex his foot right now, much less enter a ring of any sides.

So, basically, all I've got is Mr. Kennedy. Have you got any better ideas?


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