Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Dancing with Jericho

On Monday night, it was announced the rumors were true and Chris Jericho, former WWE Superstar (although, if you read or listen to reporters who obviously don't watch wrestling, not only is he a current wrestler, but the champion) will be one of the stars on Season 12 of Dancing with the Stars.

The show premieres Monday, March 21.

Yup, Monday, the one night of the week most of Jericho's fans will most definitely be watching something else... you know, Monday Night Raw.

You know, probably the reason Stacey Keibler, who is probably just as talented as Season 11 Winner Jennifer Grey, only won 3rd place in the competition.

The curse of Jericho?

Well, I'd only say the curse has struck again if he ends up getting eliminated first, like his last reality show stint, Celebrity Duets. With the likes of Kirstie Alley, Mike Catherwood and Romeo also in the competition, I would hope he dances well enough to make it to Week 4.

He also has the beautiful Cheryl Burke as his pro. She has won the competition twice, partnered with singer Drew Lachey in Season 2 and with NFL Hall of Famer Emmitt Smith in Season 3.

However, win the disco ball trophy? I think that's one championship the once Undisputed Champion of the WWE won't get his hands on, no matter how well he dances.

My proof is Stacey. According to score rankings on Wikipedia, she is one of the top dancers on the show overall, even getting perfect scores twice. She didn't take home the trophy though because her primary fan base was watching wrestling, not dancing, and as a result, she didn't get the fan votes she needed to win. It's just as much of a popularity contest as a dancing contest.

So, even though I really don't want to watch Dancing with the Stars, I will to keep you updated. I wish Jericho luck, because he'll need it, you know, after Week 3...


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