Thursday, March 28, 2013

WrestleMania in Jersey: The Career and The Streak

There's a lot of emotion involved in two of the matches arranged for WrestleMania. One has gotten to the point that not only is it a No Holds Barred match, but it also puts a career on the line.

The question is, is Triple H ready to retire?

He has a great job as an executive with the WWE and has three daughters with Stephanie. He started his career in 1994 with WCW. His buddies have Legends contracts. The last time he wrestled was at Summer Slam, and before that was WrestleMania 28. After losing to Brock Lesnar at Summer Slam, it appeared he would retire then.

And, then, he appears again when Brock shows up again, just in time to set things up for WrestleMania. Essentially, he is semi-retired already.

And, of course, these career-ending stipulations have been broken in the past. They are also easier to break when you're running the company.

This match is sure to take advantage of Paul Heyman's ECW background and be brutal. Although Triple H is most likely to walk down the ramp with a sledgehammer in his hand, I think Brock Lesnar is most likely to walk up victorious.

Paul Heyman's other guy, CM Punk has a challenge with The Undertaker. This match ended up being built around Paul Bearer's death, almost making the streak an afterthought.

While this match up between these two was already on paper amazing (so amazing, in fact, it was predicted, or rumored, by many), the emotion and possible supernatural influence makes a great story. It's no longer a match thrown together because these guys needed something to do and because it would be great to see.

And, for once, someone has the upper hand on Taker.

But, because of the supernatural powers that always seem help Taker, I think Heyman's guy is losing this one. I also think this will be the final honor- and a major one at that- for the beloved William Moody.

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