Monday, February 11, 2013

Got Preschool?

The Rock's milk commercial was a highlight of the SuperBowl commercials, but did you know that a brief version of the commercial is now airing on PBS Kids Sprout?

Could the WWE have had a hand in this commercial's placement on the 24-hour channel for preschool programming? I mean, even though there's no hint of wrestling, and just a hint that he is an action hero, The Rock -- the WWE Champion-- is still being introduced to preschool audiences.

Plus, according to Sprout's website, sample advertisers are Huggies, Pull-Ups, Geico, Johnson & Johnson, Honda, SeaWorld, Mattel/Fisher-Price, Leapfrog and Dannon. That leads me to believe the Got Milk? people are not regular advertisers.

Does that mean that the WWE helped Sprout get milk?

Well, although the little boy who got this information to me usually falls asleep before the electrifying one makes his presence known, he does have an older brother who taught him everything he knows about The Rock. So, yes, he knew who was electrifying The Wiggles.

And, both these boys watch WWE Saturday Morning Slam, the fast-paced wrestling program not only made for kids, but made to introduce kids to the world of wrestling.

So, yes, I would be surprised if the WWE didn't somehow back this commercial showing up on Sprout. Afterall, they need to continue to grow their audience for the future.

I just hope for this little boy's sake that someday Barney is replaced by Brodus on this channel. (I mean, really? Barney? Shouldn't he be extinct by now?)


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