Thursday, January 10, 2013

Wrestler or Street Walker?

Why would the WWE use a talented wrestler as a wrestler when they could dress her up as street walker?

This week on Raw, the best grappler for the Divas spent her night in a short sequined dress parading around a giant and a leprechaun. The biggest star of the Divas only battled in words. Meanwhile, the one brief Divas match on the three-hour show was forgettable.

Last week on Impact, the Knockouts match- including announcer, ref and competitors- was all WWE alumnae. The overall best active female wrestlers- Mickie James and Gail Kim- were both in this match. One, Brooke Tessmacher, was used only as a dancer in the WWE, and has shown in TNA that, if given the right attention, she could improve to be a wrestler instead of just a body.

I don't know if having Dixie Carter at the top helps the Knockouts, but I would think Stephanie McMahon- who was a talented wrestler herself- would have the same amount of pull, if not more, for the WWE Divas. I do not understand why for the past two years- at the very least- WWE has wasted the most talented of their Divas.

Hopefully, this year will bring more meaningful matches for Natalya, A.J., Tamina and Layla before they join Beth Phoenix or TNA.


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