Friday, November 23, 2012

Red Mask's Favorite Things

This is the blog post you'll pass on as hint. This is the blog post you'll bookmark for ideas. This is the blog post you've been waiting for. This is gift ideas blog post, kinda like Oprah's "favorite things" only I'm not giving you all this stuff and I'm not recommending you buy one tablet brand while tweeting from another brand's tablet.

And now, here are the best wrestling gifts for 2012:

For the best friend: You may be the Tag Team Champions, and have been since you were 10 years old. Get him the shirt that shows your teamwork through thick and thin: Daniel Bryan & Kane Hugging is All the Rage t-shirt.

For the kid: Brawlin Buddies. You probably played with them as a kid (under a different name). I had an Ultimate Warrior one, in fact. The ones I've seen available are John Cena (of course), Rey Mysterio, Sheamus and Randy Orton. The kids will love this stuffed toy that reacts when you slam it just as much as you did. Find it wherever toys are sold (Kmart, Target, ToysRUs).

For the host: This person doesn't necessarily have to be the host for your holiday meal, but he is the one always inviting you over for the big games and PPVs. Get him one of the JR's Barbeque packages available.

For the Christmas elf: You know that person. The one who is excited and cheers for every gift they open. Get him the Daniel Bryan Yes! Santa Hat. He'll love it so much, he'll cheer for it three times.

For the heel: You either love him or love to hate him. Get him the I'm a Paul Heyman Guy t-shirt. He'll love it, and may even cackle when he sees it.

For the volunteer: All of us in New Jersey were affected by Superstorm Sandy in some way, and many of us know someone who lost everything due to this storm. Continue to do your part by getting Make An Impact t-shirt. Proceeds go to the American Red Cross, and the volunteer is sure to wear it wherever he helps.

For the girlfriend: Put a ring on it. The Divas Championship ring. Now, don't play games with her and get down on one knee unless you want to sleep alone that night and most of next year.

For Dad: He'll think this Hulkmania shirt is vintage. He won't believe Hulkamania is still running wild, that is unless he still watches wrestling...

For Mom: She's probably in love with John Cena's dimples, and she would probably love to know your gift to her doubles as a charitable donation. Get her the John Cena Rise Above Cancer t-shirt. Note: You may want to order a size larger than usual... check out the size chart.

Believe me, you'll pin the holidays with this list.


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