Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Jerry "The King" Lawler stabilized after heart attack on RAW

It was a surreal scene Monday night during Raw, when it was reported that Jerry "The King" Lawler collapsed at ringside and was immediately administered CPR.
With Michael Cole visibly shaken and not speaking for over 20 minutes after the initial update, fans at home feared the worst.
It must have been particularly difficult for Bret Hart, who was the guest of honor in Montreal, to deal with the news about Lawler and go on with the show after what happened to his brother Owen.
One ringside fan emailed PWInsider to report that Lawler sounded as if he began snoring right before he collapsed. Prior to that, he communicated with a ringside employee, possibly to warn them something was wrong. EMTs were on the scene immediately, as were WWE medical personnel. They immediately ripped his shirt open and began administering medical assistance. A group of responders lifted Lawler to a stretcher, where he was rushed backstage and worked on before being transported via ambulance to a hospital.
But as the show went on eerily in silence, Cole periodically gave updates that kept getting more and more positive.
Somehow, Hart, John Cena and CM Punk got through their promo, and Cole let us know that Lawler was breathing on his own and pleaded for his broadcast partner to pull through.
It was a very real moment that was in stark contrast to the cartoon world that is the WWE on a regular basis.
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