Sunday, July 22, 2012

Deleted scenes: Ziggler and Guerrero

The Trentonian got to talk with Dolph Ziggler and Vickie Guerrero about the upcoming 1,000th episode of Raw. However, not everything we got them to tell us fit in the article to be published in Monday's edition of the paper. Here are some things you won't see in that article:

Vickie praised Eddie Guerrero's mother for teaching her about being the wife of a wrestler before she was even married to him, and then helping her after she was married. She and Eddie dated for four years before getting married 1990. She said, "It takes a strong person" to be in a relationship with a professional wrestler.

"Not in a million years!" was her response when asked if she ever imagined on that wedding day that she would get involved herself and end up becoming one of the greatest managers in WWE history. When she and her daughters first got in involved as part of one of Eddie's storylines, she saw it as a fun, once in a lifetime thing. Then, after Eddie's death, she was asked back. "I was really happy," she said. "It was like a second family."

Vickie said she loves her job, but would also love to get Eddie's input on her performance.

She said Dolph is funny.

She said it means a lot more to her to see Dolph get to the point where a world title is in his reach than it was to see Eddie or Edge hold the title above their heads because she was standing alongside Dolph as he built his career.

Shaul isn't Vickie and Eddie's only daughter, but at this point, she is the only one going in the family business. Her younger daughter is a going into her senior year of high school and wants to study marine biology. Although Shaul was always the performer out of the two, Vickie said if her younger daughter does decide she wants to go into the wrestling business, she'll still have to complete college first.

Dolph was loving the time he spent on the mic last Monday, not only because he was working with one of his childhood favorites, but because it was his first chance to get on the mic in a while. He thinks he's only been on the mic three times this year.

His favorite Raw memory was in the article, but Dolph's least favorite didn't make the cut. Some of you may remember Dolph as a cheerleader (Nicky!) in the Spirit Squad. "There was a lot of sucky things that happened to us in that group," Ziggler said. The contents of port-a-potty being dumped on them, however? "Of course that was horrible."

(Note from Red Mask: If you do not remember that segment, don't search for it. I clearly remember vomiting after seeing it live.)

Read the article here!


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