Sunday, July 15, 2012

Got a Price

Money is on everyone's mind tonight at WWE's Money in the Bank PPV. This actually has become a top PPV card-wise this year, and here's why:

- The MITB World Heavyweight Championship match has an odd mix of guys, and, in my opinion, guarantees either Dolph Ziggler or Tyson Kidd wins it. My only concern is Ziggler's health after his car accident Friday night. According to the story, Ziggler was tossed as the limo he was leaving Comic Con in with Justin Roberts and Zack Ryder was rear-ended. He claimed to be okay and did not go to the hospital, but he has got to at the very least be sore going into a match that is brutal on your body. Don't be surprised if he is the one sitting in the corner throughout most of the match while the other guys (like Sin Cara) wow us with their talent. With eight guys in the match, it shouldn't be hard to "disappear" for a little bit.

- Meanwhile, the battle for the suitcase with a contract for a WWE Championship match has only four participants. All were required to be former champs. I think this may be the smallest group we've ever seen in a MITB match, and am skeptical it's going to stay that small. While I don't think Randy Orton's suspension is over yet, I think there's got to be someone, or some guys, who will enter the match, perhaps as a surprise to the other participants. Could Brock Lesnar be in the building tonight? Perhaps Rey Mysterio will make his return? Either way, I like Chris Jericho on this one. It just fits with whomever is champ when he decides to cash it in.

- AJ, AJ, AJ. I love crazy chicks, especially crazy chicks from Jersey. Who will she side with? Will she even be a factor in the result (besides, you know, counting to three)? Will she skip out of the arena alone? This storyline could have gotten stale long ago, but thanks to AJ, it hasn't. CM Punk and Daniel Bryan's reactions to AJ's antics have been great, also. I don't think this story has reached its climax, so I say CM Punk retains the belt. Bryan will win it at Summer Slam, and will push AJ aside shortly after holding the belt above his head.


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