Thursday, April 12, 2012

Greatest Wrestling Weddings

On TNA Thursday night, ODB and Eric Young cordially invite you to, quite possibly, the event of the year. They are getting married- in the ring, of course- which means someone is likely to interupt, and something other than your ordinary wedding will be seen.

As a wedding gift of sorts, I would like to present you with my choices for best weddings in wrestling history.

-Stephanie McMahon and Test/Triple H, Nov. 1999: Stephanie and Test were in the ring for their wedding ceremony when Triple H came out and announced he had a video. In the video, Triple H took a drugged Stephanie to a Vegas drive-thru wedding chapel.

-Billy and Chuck, Sept. 2002: Stephanie was involved in this one, only as the Smackdown General Manager competing with Raw GM Eric Bischoff for the better show. She thought the gay wedding would put her over. Instead, Bischoff disguised himself as the minister and he and 3 Minute Warning crashed the wedding. Billy was also shocked to learn the wedding wasn't just a publicity stunt, and announced he wasn't gay.

- Macho Man and Miss Elizabeth, Aug. 1991: I remember thinking this was a real wedding when I was little. No shenanigans. There was a reception of sorts, and I clearly remember a special slithering gift from Jake The Snake Roberts.

And, an Honorable Mention...
-Edge and Vickie Guerrerro, June 2008: Edge and Vicki got married before the show, and their reception was Smackdown. Triple H interrupted their fun with a video of Edge making out with the wedding planner, who later became Alicia Fox. (Check out Zack Ryder as an Edgehead groomsman in the video)

What do you think will happen tonight? What is your favorite wrestling wedding memory?


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