Sunday, March 25, 2012

WrestleMania 28: The Rock v. Cena

An hour-long special is probably the only thing WWE hasn't done to promote the WrestleMania 28 match they've been promoting for a year, and that is going down tomorrow night before Raw.

Is there really anything else to say about this match?

Okay, here's something... uh, no, it's already been mentioned that John Cena is a former offensive lineman for Springfield College facing the former Miami Hurricane defensive lineman Dwayne Johnson. (Springfield? Is that where Bart Simpson will go in 20 years? The Rock wins this one.)

Okay, how about they both are known vocal artists in the ring... wait, wait, we were reminded of that last week. (The Rock won that one by the way)

Hmm... how about this? Have you heard The Rock is booked for WrestleMania 29 in New Jersey?

Okay, well then. According to an AP story, The Rock is committed to appearing in some function at WrestleMania 29.

Does this mean The Rock, after getting the advantage pre-WrestleMania will lose at the event (as is the case many times), then come on Raw Monday night to demand a rematch next year, before jetting off to film his next movie?

Or, perhaps, will he win and gloat on Raw only to be interrupted with the lights going out and his challenger for next year magically in the ring when the lights return.

Or, no matter what happens, will the WWE not risk promoting a match for a year and attempt to get what the AP writer suggested, The Rock v. Brock Lesnar?

Is it sad that I'm already hyping The Rock's possible plans for Jersey when we are a week away from Miami's WrestleMania 28?

Perhaps that says something about Cena. Perhaps that says something about where my allegiances lie-- Jersey and The Rock.

Okay, CeNation, or whatever you call yourselves, cool down. Let me explain. Just because The Rock has brought it over the past few months, doesn't mean he'll pin Cena at WrestleMania. As I said earlier, in many cases, the person who seems to have the advantage leading into the PPV ends up losing at the PPV.

So, yes, I think Cena will win. I hope, though, that he brings back the Cena that made me his fan. The one who answered Kurt Angle's call for a challenger and beat him knowing all the moves he'd make. The one who could beat anyone, because like us watching, he knew what moves the other guy was telegraphing when he did some sort of stomp, waited for the opponent to stand or whatever.

The Cena who was prepared and smart enough to take on any situation, not the company player who drags us through the same thing every night and only makes us rise from our seats because the trumpets in his music just demand that attention. He doesn't need to go heel, he just needs to be a phoenix.


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