Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Trading Places: How did Teddy Long do as Raw GM?

Last week, the WWE Board of Directors decided to settle the situation between Raw GM John Laurinaitis and SmackDown GM Teddy Long, the two would trade jobs for the week to see who would be better suited to run both shows. Last night was Long's chance to shine.

The one time we saw Long was after Laurinaitis (with Legal Counsel/Jennifer Hudson's man David Otunga) interfered with the U.S. Championship match. Long, in a red suit that would make Deion Sanders jealous, and with Aksana and Kofi Kingston in tow, took care of the situation, and eventually got Laurinaitis removed by security.

While there was alot of action outside of the ring, Santino (yes, Santino) really showed, in my opinion, that he is much more than a clown for our amusement. It was like the commotion outside the ring overshadowed Santino's usual antics and helped me focus on how good he actually is as a wrestler. He earned that U.S. Championship.

(Oh, and in case you forgot, Jack Swagger was the champ up until the end of that match.)

As for the rest of the night, well, we only had the show open with Shawn Michaels announcing he would the special guest referee Undertaker and Triple H's Hell in a Cell Match at WrestleMania. Zack Ryder made an appearance. We had Champion v. Champion and their WrestleMania opponents in an expected, yet entertaining match. There were also some great history lessons provided by The Rock throughout the night.

Probably the only downside of the night was John Cena's monologue. I watch wrestling to be entertained at the end of of my day, sometimes to live vicariously through the wrestlers. If I wanted to watch someone sit all alone and just dramatically talk and reflect on life, I'd be watching another channel. I almost feel asleep.

Overall, I give Teddy Long an A- as Raw GM. He got extra points for the suit, in case you were wondering. What did you think?


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